In DAT / DPA campaigns, you can edit the dynamic values used in ad texts. There are 2 categories:

1. Options

  • You can remove zeros where possible by changing the variable from {{*}} to {{* strip_zeros}}

  • You can omit the symbol and add it themselves {{*}} to {{* raw}}€

  • You can do both by {{*}} to {{* raw strip_zeros}}€

  • On Dynamic Ads for Travel date variables, the "date_format" option can be used, as in {{trip.departing_departure_date date_format:Y-m-d}} where you can modify the output using the date placeholders listed here.

2. Transforms

  • number_format 

Format the number in default format, using comma (",") as thousand separator, rounded to the nearest integer. E.g. 1234.56->"1,235". The value to format must be an unformatted number ("1234", not "1,234").

  • titleize

Capitalize the words for a better looking title, e.g. "box" -> "Box"Example: {{ | titleize}}

  • urlencode

Encode the value for URL.Example: {{product.retailer_id | urlencode}}

Refer to these links for more info:

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