When you create an ad on Facebook for News Feed, your ads can also be delivered in Audience Network. Eligible ads are converted into different placements including native, banner, interstitial, in-stream video, and rewarded video ads on a growing number of Facebook-approved publishers.

Advertisers use the same video and display creative they use for their Facebook campaigns to deliver on Audience Network publishers. Placements available on Audience Network include native, banner, interstitial, in-stream and rewarded video on mobile devices, and in-stream video on desktop and connected TV (CTV).

Take a look at a few of the many premium publishers on Audience Network.

With Audience Network, your Facebook ads can run across websites and mobile apps in wide range of placements, including these shown here:

Publisher Approval Process

Publishers seeking to join Audience Network must go through a review and approval process before they can deliver ads on their mobile apps or sites. Facebook’s Business Integrity Team uses a combination of manual and automated methods to review publisher apps and domain(s) or sub-domain(s) to ensure that they adhere to the Audience Network Brand Safety Policies. Publishers who promote content that violates those policies are excluded from Audience Network.

The Business Integrity Team periodically reviews publishers to confirm that each property remains compliant with our content policies. Facebook’s automated systems monitor publisher performance and behavior to verify that our partners are driving real value for advertisers. If there are any policy violations, we take appropriate action to ensure our policies are followed.

Placement Controls

To get the best results for your ads, you can select the placements as you like to optimize to drive more efficient results.

Video Placement Type Controls

Placement type controls enable you to choose the types of ad units in Audience Network where your ads will deliver. Choose from the among the following options.

  •  Native/banner/interstitial: video appears in a standard ad unit.

  •  In-stream videos: ad appears before or after other video content.

  •  Rewarded videos: appears when a person opts in to watch a video ad in exchange for rewarded value in a game.

Advanced Options

Audience Network offers the following tools to help you control where your ads will run. You can manage these controls in the platforms section of Adphorus’ “Target Groups” step.

Category Blocking / Excluded Categories

Category blocking gives advertisers the ability to block specific categories of content in which they don't want their ads to be seen. Click on Exclude Categories to reveal options.

Domain / App Block Lists

Domain/App Block lists allow advertisers to block their ads from delivery on specific websites, mobile apps, or Instant Articles. You can upload a text file (.txt or .csv) that includes website domains and app store URLs that you'd like to block on. Go to Business Manager Settings to create block lists. You can then select those created block lists on Adphorus.

Access Insights into ad performance on Audience Insights

Audience Network gives you access to the same measurement tools available for ads delivered on Facebook, so you can measure and optimize your campaigns based on the deep insights available through Adphorus reports. Audience Network placement is available on Adphorus as “Partner Mobile Apps”

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