Search is a filter which allows you to find specific assets that listed below:

  • Campaign Name

  • Ad Set Name

  • Ad Name

  • Ad Account Name

  • Company Name

  • Brand Name

  • User Name

  • Creative Name

  • Campaign Facebook ID

  • Ad Set Facebook ID

  • Ad Facebook ID

  • Ad Account Facebook ID

  • Campaign Tag


Report screen's filters allow you to refine the results and filter your campaigns by billing event, objectives, optimization goal and other important metrics. By default, “Campaign Status: Active & Paused” and "Impressions are greater than 0" are selected, and these filters show the campaigns that have been delivered and have at least one impression.

You can use filters to find specific campaigns, ad sets, ads or other assets and customize the results. You can create your own custom filters, and save & re-use them. 

How to apply a filter:

  • Click filter dropdown or plus (+) button on the filter shelf. 

Choose a filter from the menu. Here's the list of filters you can choose:

  • Campaign Status

  • Campaign Delivery

  • Ad Set Status

  • Ad Set Delivery

  • Ad Status

  • Ad Delivery

  • Objective

  • Billing Event

  • Optimization Goal

  • Campaign Buying Type

  • Metrics

  • Marvin Optimization

  • Campaign Health

  • A/B Test

  • Ad Rotation

  • Dynamic Ads Optimizer

How to clear a filter:

Click x next to the filter tile.

How to create a custom filter:

  1. Click filter dropdown or plus (+) button on the filter shelf. 

  2. Choose a filter from the menu.

  3. Click the filter tile; in the filter box that appears, click on the boxes in the filter and choose your conditions. For example, you can select Objective and App Install to show all your app install campaigns.

  4. Click "Apply". 

  5. You can add as many filters as you like.

How to save a custom filter:

  1. Click "Save Filter".

  2. Enter a name for your custom filter, choose who can have access and then click "Save". You can now find this filter on filter dropdown menu and reuse it.

How to clear filter shelf:

Click clear button and then all the filters will be removed.


Viewing a specific date range can help you understand how your campaigns performed over a specific time period. You can select a default date range like This Month or create custom date range using our date picker.

When you select Last 7 days, Last 14 days, or Last 30 days your results will not include the day you made the selection. For example, if you choose Last 7 days on Feb 8, you will see results for Feb 1 to Feb 7, ending at 11:59 PM on Feb 7 based on the ad account time zone. You will not see any results for Feb 8.

To see results that include today, you can select Today, This Week or This Month. You can also customise the amount of days up to today and yesterday.

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