Until now, Marvin has allocated budgets and optimized bids at ad set level. Now, we are excited to introduce Marvin’s newest capability, Cross-Campaign Optimization.

Cross-Campaign Optimization takes budget allocation up a notch and gives you even more flexibility and more opportunity to optimize your cumulative ad spend. You simply set a total budget for your selected campaigns according to your success metric. Then, you leave it to Marvin to distribute the budget according to campaign performance. This gives you an easier way to manage your campaign budgets and ensure that you are always spending on higher performance.

Take a look at the illustration below to see how Cross-Campaign Optimization works and how easy Marvin makes it look.

How Cross-Campaign Optimization makes your life easier


Multi-layer optimization. You are already testing and optimizing your creatives, optimizing bids at an ad set level with Marvin. Now you can optimize budgets at the campaign level as well.


Automate budget allocation across campaigns. Save time!


More flexibility to customize how you want to use Marvin and how you want to optimize your campaigns.


Delegate more of the manual work to Marvin and save time, increase your team’s efficiency by letting Marvin analyze and calculate the best use of your ad spend on an ongoing basis.

Check out our product note to get started with Cross-Campaign Optimization.

Use Cases

1. Campaigns that perform well but spend less than expected: With Cross-Campaign Optimization, Marvin can apply the unused budget from these campaigns to campaigns with higher spend potential to maximize the return of your total budget.
2. New campaigns or campaigns with smaller target audiences that have a low volume of conversions at an ad set level: Instead of setting upper funnel optimization metrics, advertisers can group similar campaigns so that your total budget is allocated based on your ultimate lower funnel KPI.
3. Regional Budgets: Cross-Campaign Optimization can help advertisers determine how to allocate the budget for each region among the different objectives and campaigns in order to achieve maximum performance.

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