What are Campaign Templates?

Campaign Templates automate your campaign creation process, enabling you to create campaigns faster and easier. You can create unique campaign templates, save existing campaign setups as templates and apply them to future campaigns.

How to create and use templates

You can access Campaign Templates from the side menu to:
• See the list of your existing templates
• Edit existing templates
• Create new templates

1. Creating campaign templates from scratch

Select “Create New Template” from the menu.

You will follow the same campaign creation flow when creating a template. However, you will have the option to “Create Template” at any step. For instance, you may want to create a template for just a specific targeting, in which case you do not need to go through the Budget and Ad setup. Simply click “Create Template” at the bottom right corner.

*Campaign Templates will be available for *Auction* campaigns only.

2. Creating a campaign template from an existing campaign

You will see a "Save as Template" button under the Settings tab of each campaign, once you click here, we will clone the campaign and redirect you to the campaign template creation flow.

3. Using a campaign template to create a campaign

While creating a new campaign, you’ll have an option on the left navigation menu to create campaign from a template.

This summary form enables you to take a quick look of bid & budget settings that you can edit. Once you are done with it, you will be redirected to campaign creation form.

Campaign Template List

You can access all of the templates that have been created for the ad account from the Campaign Template List. From the Template List, you will be able to:
• Clone a template (by selecting a single template in the list)
• Filter by Ad Account, Company, Brand, Creation Date, Optimization (Marvin, Manual), Objective, Placement etc.
• Edit an existing template
• Delete (single or bulk)

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