Test & Learn with Marvin

• Chance to Beat Control Meter: Visualize the performance of each test in real time
• Stat Sig Notifications: Automatically monitor all tests and get notified when one alternative outperforms with statistical significance.

Optimize & Scale with Marvin

• Cost or ROAS Optimization: Automatically manage bids and budgets and optimize on any metric to guarantee that you hit your real business objectives
• Dynamic Ads Optimizer: Optimize for seasonality and higher value bookings
• Campaign Health: Automatically track the delivery status and health of your campaigns
• Marvin Insights: Visualize campaign performance and receive daily insights

How it works

Marvin automatically monitors all tests and notifies you when one alternative outperforms with statistical significance. He, then, makes it easy to act on results and scale learnings across campaigns.

How it works

You can enable Marvin on any campaign. Marvin can optimize on any metric, including true KPIs, such as ROAS or LTV, rather than proxy metrics on Facebook.

Optimize for Minimum Cost & Maximum ROAS

Marvin determines the optimum bid for each ad set and distributes the campaign’s budget to prioritize better performing ad sets. You can give Marvin a CPA or ROAS target for each campaign, and he will guarantee that you receive maximum conversions while hitting those targets.

How it works

You can enable Dynamic Ads Optimizer on any dynamic campaign. Marvin tracks the performance of individual products within your catalog and automatically generates dynamic value clusters. He then adjusts bids and budgets according to value clusters, optimizing for higher-value bookings.

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