You need to select the Facebook pages you want to make available on Adphorus in order to see them on the platform. 

To do that, the person who connected the ad account needs to go to Assets > Accounts > Settings and check the pages to make them available for using on the platform.

If the person who connected the ad account is not able to see the pages they want to connect there, then the steps below should be followed in order to see and connect the pages.

  1. While both FB and Adphorus accounts are logged in, go to this link

  2. Click on "View and Edit" under Adphorus. 

  3. Disable “Manage your Pages” and “Manage your Business”.

  4. Go here and click on the "Login" button.

  5. Click on  “Choose what to allow” in the pop-up that appears 

  1. Choose the related BM and pages and click on "OK".

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