We’re excited to share with you that Facebook enabled dynamic ads in Instagram Stories and extending the placement opportunity to advertisers, so do we. Please note that Facebook only enabled dynamic ads only in Instagram Stories – not Facebook Stories – at this time.

The placement will be available for single image and carousel formats, for the following objectives:

  • Product Catalog Sales

  • Mobile App Installs

  • Lead Generation

  • Traffic

  • Conversions

Following limitations stated by Facebook are also valid on Adphorus platform as well:

If dynamic ads in Facebook Feed leverage Facebook's creative tools or overlays or fixed cards, these ads will still deliver on Instagram Stories but the specific features will not appear. If they leverage any of the following features, these ads will NOT deliver on Instagram Stories:

  • Map cards

  • Videos in catalog

  • Category cards

  • Collections

  • Store Visits objective

To enable this feature for your dynamic ads campaigns, look under the "Default Placements" where Instagram Stories will automatically be checked if the ad account is whitelisted. If you are editing your placements, ensure that Instagram Stories is checked as a placement.

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