Split testing on Facebook (also referred to as A/B testing) is a method of conducting controlled experiments based on comparing different ways of structuring campaigns. For Travel advertisers, split tests are undertaken to improve metrics such as CTR, CPA, ROAS etc.

There are many split tests one can do on Facebook, and each gives the advertiser insights into how they can improve the performance of their campaigns. Top four objectives that travel advertisers test when they start working with Adphorus are as what can be seen down below.

  • FB auto-bidding vs. Marvin: To test our optimization algorithm, Marvin, against automatic way of managing campaigns and seeing the added value of our bid & budget optimization engine.

  • Campaign/Ad set Structures: To test two or more possible audience targeting structures (including which audiences to target and how to split them) to find out which one works better in terms of efficiency and volume.

  • Creative, messaging and CTA button: To test different creative types and chose between 2-3 ads with only a single change such as the image, messaging, or Call-to-Action button and test them against each other

  • Pay per Options: To decide whether to pay for impressions or link clicks in order to find the best performing pay per option for a specific campaign type.

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