At the top of the page you can see Product Updates and Help. These are available on every page so that you can access them whenever you need. In "Product Updates" you can see the new features added to the platform and it'll have a red dot with a number (of how many updates you haven't caught up with) inside and move to get your attention if there's any. If you click on "Help", you'll be directed to this knowledge base.

In the right column, you’ll see the latest postings from the blog. These posts are very useful to you as a user and you should take advantage of the opportunity to discover more about Facebook Ads’ latest new features and how Adphorus works and can be utilized to achieve the best results.

When you create your account, there is obviously no data yet to report and the overview is more or less empty like in the image above. So let’s take a look at a user panel with more data – as yours will look like before too long! The rest of this part will contain examples from more ‘aged’ campaigns.

We’ll view the Active Campaigns first.

My Active Campaigns

The campaign overview section gives you just the most basic data to see how your current campaigns are performing. If the campaign is limited to a specific period, then the date when the campaign is set to expire will appear in the second column from the left named ‘End Date’. The campaigns here are all open-ended. The third column shows the daily campaign budget in the selected currency, in this case euros (EUR). The fourth column shows the status bar of your daily spending budget for that respective campaign while the last column on the right shows the actual spend for the day.

My Daily Spend

You can also see clearly how much money your combined ads are costing you on a daily basis and your spending trend.

There appears here to be a sharp decline at the end of the chart. Since the data is provided in real time, there may be a sharp decline at the end of the graph if you view the graph in the morning. So if you’re interested in how the current day compares to the others, you’ll just have to be patient and wait until the end of the day.

Activity Log

The Activity Log is like a news feed where you get updates on your ‘wall’ about the most recent actions in your ad account.

This example shows some of the actions that are displayed for all running campaigns. Whenever Marvin works its magic, you see an update here in the list. If another user does something, it is also listed.

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