As opposed to the basic campaign data listed on your Dashboard, this section gives a much more detailed and in-depth depiction of your active campaigns. One of the most useful bits of information that the browse list provides is whether or not Marvin has been called to duty for that campaign. If you look at the far "Manager" column, Marvin’s icon appears before the campaign manager if he is part of the campaign. There’s more on the life of Marvin later on.

Set the filters at the top of the list to select and sort your campaigns if you only want to see specific ones.

Click on the "+" button in order to add more filtering options. You will also be able to see the performance metrics of your campaigns on the same page without any need of leaving to the Reports page here. Use "Columns" dropdown menu to save presets by setting the metrics that you are willing to see on this page. You can also see the whole list of your ad sets and ads by utilizing the top menu above Campaign List.

Click on the boxes next to the campaign names to take actions for more than one campaign. You can export the selected campaigns and import new ones by clicking on the button with arrow icons. 

You will get full information of a campaign by clicking on it in the list. Now, let’s have a look at the tabs inside an active campaign to get a first impression of what it looks like.

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