Pixels section lists the pixels that are associated with your ad accounts. You can choose a specific ad account (assuming that there’s more than one ad account connected to your Adphorus account) by selecting the respective ad account from the drop-down list. 

Otherwise the table will include the default value of "All". There is also a search box where you can enter a tag and list the pixels which their names contains the text you specified.

At the table where pixels are listed, you can see the name of the pixel, ad account name which the pixel is associated with, date and time when the pixel is created and "get code" option (hyperlinked) respectively.

On the upper right-hand corner, there is "Add New Audience Pixel" button. You will be directed to the pixel creation page when you click on it, the page is shown below.

You can type the pixel name, select the ad account and the domain.

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