Product Catalogs section under Assets lists all the catalogs associated with your ad accounts which are synced with Adphorus.

By default, the list contains all the product catalogs and there are 2 options you can use to filter this list:

  1. Ad Account: Ad account drop-down menu can be used to see the product catalogs associated only with one ad account you specified.

  2. Vertical: You can select from the four options which are Commerce, Destinations, Flights and Hotels to list the related product catalogs.

The product catalog list contains the name of the catalog, catalog ID underneath the name of the catalog, Business Name , Product Count and Actions. Under "Actions" section, there are two options; "Manage" and "Delete". You can delete the feed directly by clicking on the delete button.

When you click on "Manage", you will be directed to a page where you can see the details of the product catalog. The information in the catalog differs according to the vertical type. 

Products/Hotels/Destinations/Flights Section
The first page you'll see is a table including a sample of products from the catalog whether it's a product, hotel, destination or flight catalog. You can see the following information on this table for Commerce, Hotels and Destinations verticals:

  • Total Count of Products/Destinations/Hotels

  • ID of the Product/Destination/Hotel

  • Thumbnail Image

  • Name of the Product/Destination/Hotel

  • Link of the Product/Destination/Hotel (URL which the user will be directed after clicking the ad)

  • Price (Lowest Base price for Hotels)

For Flights vertical, the following details can be obtained from the list:

  • Total Count of Flights

  • Origin 

  • Destination

  • Image

  • Description

  • Price

There is also a search box where you can search for the products according to the ID, name, brand or category. The search button is also available for flights and hotels. 

Product/Destination/Hotel/Flight Feed
When you go to the Feed section, you'll see the info in the following screenshot whether or not it's a destination feed. 

You can see the number of errors in this screen and if you click on the error button, on a new pop-up, you can see the reason why it's appearing. When you click on the "Edit" button, through the pop-up that appears, you can make modifications on the feed like changing the currency, upload schedule, time, name etc.

If you click on the slider next to "Open Creative Designer", you'll enable Creative Designer, which is a product of Adphorus that helps the user with creating eye-catching images. You can get more information on the product by clicking here.

Add ... Feed Button

When you click on the green "Add ... Feed" button on the upper right side of the Feed page, a pop-up window will open.

You can directly upload the feed file manually from this section or upload through URL (i.e. Google doc link).

Product/Destination/Hotel/Flight Sets
On product sets there are two button you can click on, one of them is "Edit" button for each set available and the other is the green "Create ... Set" button.

Both of these buttons will take you to the same pop-up where you can set rules to use in or create sets of products/destinations/hotels/flights. You can see the number of matching products at the bottom of the pop-up.

Events Data Sources
Information under "Events Data Sources" tab on Business Manager can be accessed through this section on the platform.

For more information on how to use Product Catalogs and DAT campaigns you can go to our blog post: Complete Guide to DAT.

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