Adphorus enables you to set your UTM tags dynamically on campaign level. Therefore, you will not need to adjust your UTM tags one by one for each of your adsets and ads. 

On the first step of campaign creation process, scroll down and click on "Set Up UTM Settings" option.

On the pop-up that appears, you can adjust your UTM taggings on campaign level.

An Example:

According to the settings below, Adphorus will detect redirected visitors' targeting name and campaign name dynamically and add these data to the URL. Therefore, you do not have to set your UTM tags one by one for each target group or ads. You can see dynamic variables that can be detected and added to your destination URL by Adphorus by typing "%" in the 'Value' input areas.

The areas that do not include "%" symbol are static on campaign level. Therefore, those UTM values will not be changing depending on the target group or creative names.

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