User permissions can be managed in the "Users" tab under "Settings" button on the left side. In order to edit, please click on "Manage User Permissions" button on the right side of each user.

There are two different levels of access:

  1. AdminĀ 

  2. User

Admin Access

  • Admins can access all campaigns no matter which ad accounts they are associated with.

  • They can edit all campaigns.

  • They can see all campaigns' data.

  • They can create new users and provide them with limited access on Adphorus.

User Access

  • Users can only access to permitted companies or brands.

  • They can only take permitted actions on the campaigns of permitted companies or brands.

  • Users can create and manage campaigns.

  • They can view campaigns & reports.

The user need to be permitted on both "Company > Brand" and "Ad Account" to be able to access a campaign.

If a user has different access levels on brand and ad account, then the lowest level will be in force (e.g. if the user has view only permission on ad account whereas having campaign creation permission on brand level, then view only permission will be in force in case of an intersection at campaign level).

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