What is Dynamic Ads Optimizer?

Dynamic Ads Optimizer uses machine learning to dynamically cluster the products in your catalog based on performance, and adjusts bids and budgets to maximize ROAS.

Dynamic Ads Optimizer is an especially effective solution for travel as it enables advertisers to optimize for seasonality and high-value bookings. 

How does Dynamic Ads Optimizer work?

Marvin powers Dynamic Ads Optimizer by:

  1. Product Clustering: Marvin tracks the performance of products and automatically generates dynamic product clusters. 

  2. Ad Set Restructuring: Marvin recreates ad sets according to the performance of the product clusters.

  3. Bids & Budgets: Marvin dynamically adjusts bids and budgets according to the product clusters.

How to activate Dynamic Ads Optimizer

Dynamic Ads Optimizer can only be activated on "Product Catalog Sales" campaigns. After choosing this campaign type, you can turn on Dynamic Ads Optimizer under “Optimize with Marvin”. You should proceed to choosing your Marvin optimization actions as you normally would.

Suggestions for Dynamic Ads Optimizer

1. Target Groups
You may use any targeting group structure with DAO. DAO will create product clusters for each of your targeting groups. However, try not to over-segment your audience and aim to have a reasonably sized of audience for each targeting group.

2. Creatives
You should add your creatives as you normally would. However, keep in mind that you will not be able to assign the creatives to specific target groups. DAO tests and determines the best match of creatives and target groups. 

3. Budget
The campaign’s daily spend will be limited by the size of your product audiences. Therefore we strongly suggest that you start with a generous budget and first observe your spend. If necessary, you can reduce your budget after your campaign has started performing.

Note: If you set a Target CPA for the campaign, your daily budget per ad set should be at least 100 times your Target CPA. 

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