Creative Designer allows you to customize all images inside your Dynamic Ads catalogs. You can add your brand logo, base price, destination city/country name, hotel star ratings to all hotel images without the need of manually editing each image in your catalog one by one. You can add shapes, icons, texts to enrich your creatives which plays a huge role in the performance of your ads. 

To go to Creative Designer, you need to click on Assets > Product Catalogs first. Then you need to click on the "Manage" button of the product catalog you'd like to use. 

You will then enable creative designer for whichever feed you'd like to work with by clicking on the slider next to "Open Creative Designer". 

You'll be directed to this page when Creative Designer is opened:

You can either choose to upload a static image from your computer by clicking on the "Upload File" button or you can check the "Use Dynamic Image" option if you're running a dynamic campaign. Once you choose the image, you can update the canvas area by choosing the aspect ratio you'll be using. Shapes, extra images, texts, ratings, icons and weather overlay can be added by clicking on the related button on the left side.
You can hold and draw the texts or shapes or you can open the "Advanced Settings" to choose where to place them on your canvas. 

From the "Add Dynamic Fields" dropdown menu, you can choose whichever dynamic field you'd like to add to the creative. You can scroll down in the menu to find more option than the presented ones below.

After you added the fields, and made necessary changes, you can see the preview of the creative on the right side of the page. You can choose placements from above of the preview of your ad. 

You can also create multiple Alternatives. This'd be helpful while testing different creatives within your campaign. 

By using Creative Designer, you'll get access to some extra tools that adds extra value to your creatives.

1- Adphorus Media Library

The library is consisted of high resolution destination images and all of the creatives are handpicked. 

2- Weather Overlays
You can add dynamic overlays on you creatives for destinations and flight ads. Overlays are integrated with Open Weather API that provides dynamic weather forecasts on a daily basis.
You can have more information about the Weather Overlays tool by watching the video below.

3- Displaying ratings on your creatives
You can display ratings by clicking on the "Rating" button and choosing between the options.

4- Uploading custom fonts
You can add custom fonts for the texts that you'll be using in the creative(s).

5- Adphorus Travel Stickers
Travel Stickers are another perk of using Creative Designer. They can help you express your brand story in a fun and organic way. Advertisers now have access to a pack of 60 travel-themed stickers on Creative Designer. The pack includes stickers for different seasons, activities, holidays, and more. With these images added to your ad, you can create more eye-catching ads and you can always try new ones from the pack!

6- Travel Templates
After you finish editing your creative, you can either apply it to the feed or choose saving it as a template by clicking on "Add to Template Library". By doing that, you'll be able to use it for different feeds as well! 

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