What is Video Lab?

Video Lab is a creative solution that enables you to turn your static images into thumb-stopping videos in 3 simple steps. Thanks to Video Lab, producing videos is no longer a costly and time-consuming process. So, now you can unleash the power of video on every single one of your ads to make them more engaging, attract a larger audience, and boost performance.

  Submit your still image        Receive your video within        Publish your video ads!                                                                 a few hours     

How does Video Lab work?

You can get started right away by clicking on the “New Video Request” button at the top right of your Video Lab dashboard. 

1. Creating a new video request

You will start by uploading the image that you would like to animate.

When creating a new video request, you will need to specify which ad type you will be using. The dimensions for the video will be prepared according to your chosen ad type.  
You have the option to add sound to your video by uploading a custom sound file. You should also select how long you would like for the video to be and your preferred video format.

The final step of the video request form is where you can request custom animations for your image. You are free to explain how you would like the image to be animated in as much detail as you would like. This section is optional. If you do not have specific animation requests, you can leave it to our video professionals to turn your image into an attractive video. 

Once you submit your video request form, you will see your request on the Video Lab dashboard. Here, you see that the status of your new request is “Confirmation Required”.

For all video requests, we require that you review and confirm the details that you have submitted on the request form. Your video will only go into production once you have tapped “Confirm”.

After you have confirmed your request, you can expect to receive your video within a few hours. (We guarantee to have it ready within a max. of 24 hours). You will be notified when the first version of your video has been added to your Video Lab dashboard. At this point, you have the option to either approve or ask for changes. (details in the next section)

2. Asking for changes

When your video is ready, the status of your request on the dashboard will be updated as “Approval Required” (as shown below). For every request, you will have the option to either Approve the video or Ask for Changes. 

If you would like to ask for specific animation changes, the activity timeline will unfold and you will be prompted to add your comments. Here, you can specify what you would like to change and specific animations that you would like to see (or not see).

Your changes will be applied, and another version of your video will be prepared within a few hours. Once again, you will be notified when the video is ready.

3. Downloading your video

Upon receiving the second version of you video, you will still have the option to Ask for Changes. However, if you are happy with your video, just tap “Approve” to start running your video ads!

Once you approve the video, the status will be updated as “Completed”. You will be given the option to either add the video to your Facebook library or download it directly to your computer. 

You are now ready to start running your video ad on your Facebook campaigns!

4. Invoice Details 

You can access all of your video invoices right from your Video Lab Dashboard. 

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