• What are the requirements for using Dynamic Weather Overlay?

Weather Overlay is only available for Flight & Destination catalogs. You only need to add the weather component to your creative.

  • What fields are required on the feed to run it without a problem?

We’re going to detect the relevant weather info according to the destination of a specific route. So no need for an extra info within the catalog.

  • How often the weather info will change? If it is daily, is it midnight?

We update the weather info daily and yes, it is midnight UTC time.

  • When the weather is updated let’s say tonight a midnight, is the weather info the average weather for 15th of June? 

That should be the average weather yes. We’re having this info directly from our weather info API partner.

  • Will the Weather Overlay be enabled once I add this weather symbol to the creative? 

Yes, it will update according to that day’s weather and you can start using right away.

  • How can we check whether it is working or not? 

You are expected to see this info on the ad creative preview while crafting the ad in our platform.

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