When it comes to launching a successful campaign, there is no doubt that one of the most common issues is the ability to A/B test your creatives. Until now, you had to create your ads independently and test them manually to find the most effective ad creative with the best audience fit which could take hours of copying and editing.

We’ve enabled Facebook’s Dynamic Creative feature allowing you to automatically combine your ad components and deliver them to the appropriate audience. Dynamic Creative helps you to find the best creative combination among images or videos, titles, descriptions, and call-to-actions across your targeted audience.

Furthermore, Dynamic Creative is a continuous optimization. The most effective ad combination may not be the best the next day so, Dynamic Creative always ensures you that the best combination will be served to your audience for any given time and placement.

Available objectives for Dynamic Creative:

  • Conversions

  • Mobile App Installs

  • Traffic

  • Brand Awareness

  • Lead Generation

  • Reach

  • Video Views

Keep in Mind:

Dynamic Creative supports the following Ad Formats:

  • Single Image

  • Single Video

For the combinations you can use:

  • Up to 10 different images or videos

  • Up to 5 versions of body text

  • Up to 5 versions of titles or headlines

  • Up to 5 versions of descriptions

  • Up to 5 different call-to-action buttons

  • 1 destination URL

For more information on how to use Dynamic Creative, you can read our product note

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