When you successfully sign in for the first time, you will land on the start page with the setup wizard already waiting for you.

Step 1 - Connect to Facebook

The image below illustrates the steps that you will immediately take in order to connect Adphorus with your Facebook account. These two accounts must be connected since Adphorus draws its data directly from your ads stored in Facebook.

Adphorus offers excellent dedicated support to its users. If you should run into any snags along the way or are worried about breaking something and want to ask before trying something out, you can use the support panel on the right to submit a question. The panel displays all your conversations with the support team.

Note on privacy matters: Adphorus asks for your permission to access your Facebook data. This is a technical requirement since Adphorus can’t publish your ads and posts if it can’t communicate with your Facebook account. You select exactly which pages and ads Adphorus will be able to access during the setup. This can always be changed later in the settings configuration. Adphorus never posts anything without your permission.

Step 2 - Select Ad Accounts and Pages

Choose which ad accounts and pages you want to connect to Adphorus. Once you've made your choices, you're now ready to create your first campaign!

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