As everyone knows, charts work best if you are willing to see your campaign's performance trend. That's why we have a performance chart section for each campaign on Adphorus.

If you are only willing to see one metric on the chart, then you can just select only one metric from the "Show" dropdown menu by leaving the "vs." part blank. But if you want to compare different performance factors with one another, then you can select two metrics from the dropdown menus as shown above.

You also have the chance to see your performance chart on campaign, ad set, creative or ad (intersection of ad set and creative) level by utilizing the "Group By" dropdown menu.

Now, let’s look at how a comparison looks like at Ad set level:

We see there are some obvious differences between this chart and the one above. The most obvious difference is that this chart now has a lot more data compared with the one just showing clicks. That’s because for each target group there are now two lines – one for link clicks and one for CTR. 

We can see the figures for any given day, since each point represents the values on a day-by-day basis (the box in the upper right corner let’s you switch between "Daily" and "Weekly"). To do so, we simply need to hover over the dot and the figure will be displayed. If you select just one day as timeframe, then you can also see 'Hourly' data on the chart.

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