Rule engine can save you time, by cutting down the need to monitor campaigns and make frequent, manual changes.

If you think about the frequent tasks that you do manually, it is easy to put together a list of work that you would like the Rule Engine to do for you, including changes to your ads, status, budget and bids or notifications to any email addresses you want.

Rule engine will help you to:

  • Create rule-based scenarios on campaign, ad set or ad level

  • Create scenarios based on your business model with flexible and/or combinations

  • Automatically pause low-performing ads, ad-sets or campaigns

  • Send yourself an e-mail notification once your ad hits targets


Step 1 - Add a Rule

Go to Settings > Rules > Add Rule to start setting your rules.

Or you can click on "Click here" in the framed part, which you can see by going to the Rules tab, and be redirected to the Rules section.


You will start by giving a name to your rule. You will be able to use that rule across all your campaigns on Adphorus.

Object Type

You can create scenarios based on campaign, ad set or ad level.

Time Frame

You can select the time frame that you would like this rule to be evaluated on. This could be Today, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days or Lifetime.


You can create the rule set using either AND or OR.

You can define your rules based on all important metrics of your strategy. All conditions should specify a metric and a value.

For example:
Cost Per Click > $5


Finally you can define the action that you would like Adphorus to take, such as increasing the bid or triggering an email when the specific condition occurs. The options include

  • Update bid (set / increase or decrease by number or %)

  • Update budget (set / increase or decrease by number or %)

  • Update spend limit (set / increase or decrease by number or %)

  • Update status (pause or delete)

  • Notify

Example: Rule Creation

Let’s suppose that your KPIs are Cost Per Website Purchase and Cost Per Click. If you would like to create a rule based scenario in order to pause the campaign if its CPA is more than $30 OR CPC is more than $1, the rule construction should be seen as following on Adphorus rule creation screen.

Once you apply this rule on a campaign, you can make sure that your campaign will be live as long as it meets your target KPIs.

Step 2 - Apply Rule

You can apply the rules which you have already created to any campaign you want, by going to Rules > Insert Rule > Save under the campaign.


As seen above, two rules has been included in one campaign to affect sequentially. According to this sequence; first rule will reduce the bidding 10% percent while your CPA increases over $25. Then the second rule will make sure that the campaign will be paused if the CPA increases over $30.

  • Important Notes

  • Rule engine takes action once in a day at midnight (timezone of your ad account)

  • Rules applied to any campaign will be run sequentially

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