In the case of an Adphorus account, your assets are like Facebook accounts that are linked to your Adphorus account, the actual stuff like Pages or events that you want to promote, your audiences, and so on. Let's take a look at each asset one-by-one, beginning with Facebook accounts.

The top one in bold is the email address associated with the Facebook accounts and the ones underneath in a normal font are the ad accounts linked with the top email address. You can see the IDs assigned to each account by Facebook and the current status of each account. Here all accounts are currently active.

If needed, you can change the name of your ad accounts by clicking on the tiny button next to the ad account's name. You can also set a Spend Limit for your ad account so that all campaigns stop spending once the spend limit reached.

Let’s take a look at the four actions we can perform under the "Actions" column. We're going to skip  "Settings" for now since that will take us off the page and onto a different screen. So we're going to go over it last. "Refresh" will simply refresh the connection between Adphorus and your Facebook account so that any changes that might have been made to your ad account will sent to Adphorus. This means, you need to refresh your ad account after creating a new Facebook Page, Custom Audience or an Event in order to sync Adphorus with your Facebook ad account. After doing this, you will be able to use your new Facebook assets via Adphorus.

Clicking "Remove" will effectively break the connection of that particular Facebook account. So you shouldn't do that unless you're certain that you don't want to use that Facebook account with Adphorus anymore. If you want to remove any archived campaigns, you can do that by selecting "Clean Archived". A pop-up window appears asking how many objects you want to delete and then you can choose the archived campaigns you want to erase.

Now, it's time to see what happens when you click on the "Settings" option. When you click on it, you'll see a screen that you saw during the initial setup:

You can also add more ad accounts to your Adphorus account by clicking the "Add New Account" tab. If you wanted to do so, you'd click the tab and the following screen would appear:

The screen is similar to the one you saw way back when you created your Adphorus account. If you need a memory jogger, take a quick look at Set Up Your Adphorus Account since the steps for connecting a second account are identical.

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