Integrations contain the token which is being created by Adphorus for you to integrate to your specific tracking platform such as Adjust or AppsFlyer. For instance; the generated token below should be placed into your Adjust settings for Adphorus to collect the data running through your tracking tool. This allows the data on Adjust automatically flow into the Adphorus platform for a better optimization.

AppsFlyer: Integration with AppsFlyer, which is a mobile attribution & marketing analytics platform.
Integration with Adjust which is a mobile measurement company.
FTP Data Integration:
We can integrate with client’s FTP for custom/external data integration.
Email Data Integration:
We can integrate with client’s e-mail for custom/external data integration.
Per client request:
For many of our clients, we integrate with their internal data systems, and until now our existing integrations have been sufficient for clients. But we can always integrate with additional 3rd party tools if a client requests it.

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