Adphorus asks for your permission to access some of your Facebook data. This is a technical requirement since Adphorus can’t publish your ads and posts if it can’t communicate with your Facebook account. You select exactly which pages and ads Adphorus will be able to access during the setup. This can always be changed later in the settings configuration. Adphorus never posts anything without your permission.

Here is what Adphorus will ask to be able to access:

  • Your primary email address

  • Tokens for pages and apps that you administrate

  • Your public profile

  • Read access for Insights data for pages, apps and domains that you own

  • List of friends that also use Adphorus

  • Ads Management API standard access

During the setup process, you are asked to give Adphorus permission to access all of the above. The access rights are pre-configured into a kind of package to enable Adphorus to work the way it's supposed to. That means denying the required access by de-selecting any of the options carries with it an inherent danger that Adphorus will run into difficulty later on down the road.

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