There are different kinds of Marvin campaigns. Each of them has different calculations. You might receive “Minimum budget for optimizing ..” error when changing the daily budget. So, below you can find the steps that you need to follow while you are calculating the minimum daily budget.

  • Marvin campaign with target CPA

If there is target CPA and target CPA is greater than minimum adset budget :

min_budget_per_adset = target_cpa * 3

min_daily_budget = target_cpa * active_adset_count * 3

  • Marvin campaign without target CPA 

min_budget_per_adset = min_adset_budget * 2

min_daily_budget = min_adset_budget * active_adset_count * 2

There is also a coefficient factor of 20.0 included when DAO and draft campaign:

min_daily_budget = min_daily_budget * 20.0

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